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I’m a product builder. I was trained as what you would call a “businessperson”, having started my career at a big bank. But I’ve always been a builder at heart, since writing my first line of code when I was 8. During the day, I build infrastructure that builds the next generation of FinTech companies at Belvo. At night, I create things that are useful and delightful, and I share them with my personal thoughts here.

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Ray Shan is a product leader solving impactful problems with smart software. He is currently the Vice President of Product Management at Belvo, where his team help tens of millions of consumers everyday to pay, borrow and hone financial behavior by powering their favorite apps. Prior to Belvo, Ray headed Product Management at The Long-Term Stock Exchange, where he helped 32,000 startup founders focus on building products people love by automating their busywork. Ray has spoken about his learnings at Bloomberg, Wharton, and writes on his blog. Ray’s love for building started early, writing his first line of code at age 8, and leaving his Wall Street job to found his first startup at age 22.

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Your feedback makes my work better - I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at ray at this domain, or find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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