Ray Shan

Below is a collection of products I have designed, engineered, or managed. The immense value and delight delivered to the users would not have come to fruition without the world-class designers, engineers and product people I collaborated with. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about a specific product.

Yewno Discover

A search engine which inspires researchers at institutions like Stanford to innovate, save lives, and predict the future, by delivering intelligent search results and unearthing relationships. It uses machine learning to extract a knowledge graph from 120 million licensed documents by leading publishers such as Springer Nature.

Yewno Discover


A digital photography exhibition, backed by an image optimization pipeline.

Blank Macbook background Cartier on Mobile

Montage Framework & Montage Studio

A web and hybrid application framework with tightly integrated tooling in the cloud, inspired by NeXT and Apple's software development stack.

Montage Studio

Samsung Kids

A digital platform with curated educational content for kids. Remotely control and monitor activity across multiple devices in real time.

Samsung Kids Connect

Aerohive HiveSchool

A real-time learning application for teachers and students to share and present work in the K-12 education environment.

Aerohive HiveSchool


A mapping, data visualization and communication platform for disaster response.



A package manager for the web.


A dashboard for the Bower package manager.

Bower Stats Dashboard


Architecture, data and services that power Bower.

Bower Architecture Diagram


A dashboard for monitoring Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities.



A social networking app that brings people together based on their love of food. Built for PITME's Hack for Peace in the Middle East Hackathon.


Modular Development Group

Modular housing for the oil and gas industry.


Modular Development Group Logo Modular Development Group Branding


MOD CEX 001 Engineering Drawing MOD CEX 001 Product Shot

Laura Fulk

A fashion label based on the work of designer Laura Fulk. Brought the Autumn / Winter 2010 collection to market from conception to distribution.

Runway Show

Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign



Holy Cow

An angel-backed apparel startup that designs and manufactures casual organic cotton ready-to-wear, with a unique end-user supply chain tracking technology.

Coming soon...