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America's Newest Stock Exchange

The Long-Term Stock Exchange goes live today, September 9, 2020, as America’s newest stock exchange.

But we’re more than a marketplace for trading shares and listing public companies: The exchange forms part of an ecosystem that supports companies and all their stakeholders who share a long-term vision.

When I joined LTSE as employee number 11 after founding and building tech startups, I asked fellow founders what they found hard about operating startups. Some recounted mistakes like setting up cap tables that left nothing for the team down the road. Others took their companies public and watched their stock price plunge based on a single earnings report, without any material changes to their businesses.

Everyone agrees that companies built to last are built that way from the start. That from their earliest days, they put in place tools and practices that will create resiliency and support their growth over time. It’s what we hear most from the 45,000 startups who rely on LTSE’s software to get off the ground, scale their businesses, align with employees, and build bonds with long-term investors who believe in them. It’s what my team and I are excited to build for the next generation of founders each day.

The launch of the Long-Term Stock Exchange marks a milestone in our work on behalf of company builders. Now there’s a place in the public markets built to help companies thrive.

The LTSE team, together in Feb 2020.

The LTSE team, together in Feb 2020.

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